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When FEIA and Huawei came together, they had just one mission in mind – to empower ordinary Canadians with the skills, confidence, and connections they need to kick start their careers for a better future. Combining FEIA’s top educational experience and Huawei’s tech expertise, Tech 101 was born.

Why Tech 101

Flexible learning

With bite-sized modules, you can gain the digital skills you need – fast.

Tailored for beginners

Build a foundation for a career in the modern workforce, no experience necessary

Community Centric

Enhance your learning experience with an expansive online community.

Explore Learning Tracks

Workforce Digital Skills

Workforce Soft Skills

Digital Life Skills

Career Focused Content

Our courses are designed to quickly give you the most fundamental and useful skills you need to navigate the digital job market. Learn the basics of highly demanded digital skills such as Excel, Gmail, and Zoom with our specially focused curriculum.

Top Quality

Tech 101’s content is masterfully crafted by education experts at the Fort Erie International Academy. Our world class teaching approach involves interactive lessons, quizzes, and high quality learning modules, all presented to you by real professionals working in digital careers.

Grow alongside an inclusive community

Participate in moderated discussion topics with fellow students, instructors, and industry professionals. Grow your network, get course and career help, and achieve your professional goals with Tech 101.

We also offer a weekly newsletter filled with career-content to help you land a job in the digital age!

Are you ready to transform your career?

Common Questions & resources

Is Tech 101 free?

Yes, Tech 101 is 100% free! Our mission is to provide digital literacy to Canadians for free, so you will always be able to access Tech 101 content at no cost.

How do I get started?

Simply create an account with your Google, Facebook, or personal email. Afterwards, select a learning track you want to enroll in, and you are ready to begin! Having an account allows you to enroll in courses and view your learning progress. You can make an account here.

Why did FEIA and Huawei partner together?

This partnership initially grew out of FEIA and Huawei’s shared desire to create a truly accessible, digital education resource. Through the valuable education and technology expertise that the two organizations brought to the table, the idea for Tech 101 was born.

FEIA is a private education institution founded to empower students to realize their academic potential, and to become agents of change, innovators and leaders on a global scale. Learn more about FEIA here,

Huawei’s mission is to build a more connected, intelligent, and sustainable future that leaves no one behind. Learn more about Huawei here.

Can I gain a certificate for completing Tech 101 courses?

Yes you can! You will be provided with a personalized certificate that you share every time you complete a course.

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