Elite Programs

This exclusive program is specifically designed for international students aspiring to attend the world’s Top 25 universities or professional programs. The program is led by a team of world-class education experts and highly skilled teachers. By directly contacting with students and their parents, we ensure a personalized approach to scientifically analyze students’ strengths, fully explore and utilize their potential, integrate and match them with high-quality global educational resources. Our aim is to inspire students’ internal drive, enhance their intellectual awareness, and develop their ability to adapt to a rapidly changing society. We provide international students with an intensive, rigorous, efficient, and reliable university admission plan, offering comprehensive assistance in achieving admission to their desired top-tier institutions in a one-stop manner.

Individualized Education Plans

Our mentorship program includes individual learning pathways and growth plans for students. These unique planning and support sessions mean that students receive personalized class, study, and extracurricular plans that serve their educational needs as well as their long-term career goals.

ESL (English as a Second Language)

To support our International students in their English language mastery, students receive intensive ESL support on a daily basis. We offer our International student’s additional ESL support in preparing for an IELTS exam within our after-school programming. Our ESL courses are of 5 levels (AO, BO, CO, DO, EO) to best meet the needs of our students.