Welcome to Fort Erie Academy

Your dream university is within reach and Fort Erie Academy will help to pave the way for you! Each student has their own unique strengths and skills. We will ensure you reach your potential with a customized and personalized pathway. We are now accepting applications for students from grades 6-12.

Tuition fees vary depending on duration of study, academic / athletic ability, and living in residence or off-campus. For academic scholarship opportunities, please email our admissions department at

Students may apply at any point in the year.

International Students

Fort Erie attracts students from all over the world. We have students from China, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, Kazakhstan, and many more. Our sports academies also have student athletes from all parts of Canada and the US.

Fort Erie Academy’s recruitment partner is Amerigo Education, which has recruitment and admissions offices all over the world. You can access the Fort Erie Academy brochure on the Amerigo website.

Contact us for more information about Fort Erie entrance requirements and if you are looking for an Amerigo recruiter in your region.



• Complete application form
• Provide last 2 years’ transcripts
• Provide copy of student passport picture



• Student take FEIA entrance test
• FEIA issues admission & payment notices
• Family makes initial payment



• Visa processing
• Accommodation & pick-up application
• Flight ticket reservation


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Unmatched Location

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