Prior to the first day of school, in coordination with students and their families, guidance counselors and our admissions officers have worked to complete individualized timetables with course selections, which will be emailed to all our students and their families.

Please be advised that if you are without a timetable on the first day of school, our administrative team will happily guide and assist you in finalizing your September course selection.

Class Schedules

Calendar Year 

 FEIA students follow a uniform/dress code during school hours (8:30am to 4:30pm). As a school with students from diverse and varied backgrounds, a school dress code helps to level the playing field- allowing for greater group/team cohesion and commonality. As a result, our dress code demonstrates a clear message of:

  • Equality
  • Family
  • Team
  • Respect
  • Belonging

Students have the following options to follow the dress code:

  1. FEIA Uniform (strongly recommended). McCarthy’s is our school provider for all FEIA uniform pieces. Please review the outline  for how to order.
  2. FEIA Spirit Wear. FEIA’s exclusive partner for spirit wear, including outer wear is Front Row Sports. Golf shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, and toques will also be available at the FEIA Spirit Store on campus. Any of these items may be paired with black pants.
  3. Students may purchase their own clothing that follows the dress code:
    • Black pants/slacks/skirts
    • White (collared) polo shirts, button downs, shirts, blouses
    • Plain black cardigan, crew neck or v-neck type sweater

    • Closed toed shoes (preferably black)

Please note that when following the dress code students must ensure that their white tops and black sweaters are free from logos and print/patterns. As well the dress code requires: 

  • No hats
  • No jeans
  • No ripped pants
  • No sweatpants/track pants
  • No leggings
  • No short shorts
  • No crocs or slides

We thank all students, parents and families for helping FEIA to promote a sense of belonging, a feeling of security and an image of professionalism.

It is our pleasure to welcome both new and returning families to another great year at FEIA. We are all very excited to have students back in our classrooms and hallways, filling them with energy and enthusiasm for learning. It is our mission to help every student feel welcomed, connected, and part of our FEIA Family. We further strive to challenge each student to grow in his or her academic, athletic, social, and physical abilities to have the best year possible.

At FEIA, our highly qualified teachers have spent hours planning and creating classroom activities to engage our students in learning. We will actively participate in professional development sessions this month to prepare to welcome our students back after their much-deserved summer vacation. 

We are happy to announce that all classes will take place in the High School at 7 Tait Avenue. All students should proceed to the school gymnasium for a Welcome Assembly at 8:45am. From here they will be dismissed to their period 1 classes.

Later this Fall, we will welcome all families to an Open House to see the facility.

For the 2023-2024 school year, please review our Course Calendar

Remote learning day (D2L login).

Move-in time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (anything outside these hours, you will have to make arrangements and come in the next day) 

  1. Students arriving will check-in at the welcome table to obtain their welcome package, room #, key and/or key fob
  2. A staff member will show the student to their room
  3. If moving in during regular move-in days, there will be a tour of the facilities and explanation of the Residential Buildings if parents/students are interested, scheduled every hour
  4. Parents are then free to move their student’s stuff into their room and get them set up in their dorm room
  5. There will be shuttles to the local Walmart to buy any supplies for students who are flying in and do not have room to bring everything for the dorms

For most FEIA boarding students, this will be the first experience living away from home. Therefore, we encourage students to make their dorm room as much like home as possible. Favourite posters, photos of family and friends, plants, and a favourite pillow or blanket are a few of the comforts of home.

Student dormitory rooms have some basic items that every student needs for safety, comfort, and the ability to function within a residential community. Our student rooms come in all shapes and sizes. Except for a few rooms, all of our dorm rooms are doubles. FEIA provides basic furnishings for residential living:

  • Window blinds and/or shades
  • Standard size twin bed and mattress (extra-long mattresses will be provided by request)
  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Dresser
  • Shower curtain
  • Toilet paper holder

Review the outline of items you will need to bring, items you may want to bring, and most importantly, items you should not bring. Please be sure to read through this list carefully.