Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Love to Learn, Learn to Lead, Lead to purposeful Change. 

Our Vision
To inspire and empower students to realize their academic potential, to become agents of change, innovators and leaders on a global scale. 

Our History

Are you looking for a private boarding and day school in Canada that offers academic and athletic excellence? Look no further than Fort Erie International Academy (FEIA)!

Fort Erie International Academy (FEIA) is a leading institution in the Niagara Region. Our rich and diverse student body receives an individualized approach to education that exceeds the needs of all learners and elite athletes. FEIA's secondary school graduates receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and are accepted (often with scholarships!) for direct admission to the world's top universities, where they continue to thrive.

Entering our 6th year, FEIA's certified teachers, student support staff, house leaders and tutors provide a personalized learning experience. With a curriculum rooted in the Ontario education system, FEIA's approach to education fosters global awareness and helps students learn “how to think”, not “what to think”. FEIA aims to develop responsible and global citizens who are well-equipped for life beyond academia.

Join FEIA's community of learners and experience a world-class education on our purpose-built campus that prepares students and athletes for life-long success at the next level.

FEIA – “Where students love to learn, learn to lead, and lead to change”

FEIA at a Glance

Middle School (6 - 8)

Our middle school offers small classes for personalized attention, a rigorous curriculum blending core subjects with enrichment courses, diverse extracurriculars, and a focus on character and social-emotional learning. We emphasize open communication and collaboration among parents, teachers, and administrators for a holistic educational journey fostering academic excellence, personal growth, and community spirit.

Secondary school (9-12)

Our university-prep secondary school offers a comprehensive program emphasizing academic excellence and personal growth. Core courses in English, math, science, social studies, and languages are complemented by diverse electives spanning arts, humanities, STEM, and more, meeting NCAA eligibility for student-athletes. Small class sizes ensure personalized attention, fostering critical thinking and well-rounded development for success in college and beyond.

Elite Programs

We offer elite programs for student-athletes committed to both their sport and academics. Our unique program allows students to pursue intensive training and competition while earning educational credits simultaneously. With a flexible schedule, students excel in both arenas. Experienced coaches and teachers collaborate to support students in achieving their goals, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience. Whether aiming for collegiate competition or beyond, our programs provide the resources and guidance needed for success.

ESL (English as a Second Language)

Our ESL program offers tailored support in an immersive English environment, meeting individual student needs. Dedicated teachers create a nurturing atmosphere for language development, focusing on listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Through interactive lessons and cultural activities, students gain confidence and proficiency, connecting with peers and the school community. Our goal is to empower ESL students for academic and social success in a globalized world.


Extracurricular activities are vital for holistic education, offering avenues for personal growth, skill building, and community involvement. Our diverse offerings, from teacher-led clubs to student-run organizations, cater to varied interests. Led by dedicated staff, these activities span academics, arts, sports, and service, allowing students to explore, excel, and lead. Students are encouraged to initiate clubs, fostering ownership and initiative. Whether joining a robotics club, debating, or organizing community projects, students connect, pursue passions, and contribute meaningfully to the school community.

Student Life

Dorm life is vibrant and inclusive, offering a supportive community for students from diverse backgrounds to live, learn, and bond. Alongside comfortable accommodations and nutritious meals, we host a variety of evening and weekend events such as movie nights, game tournaments, and themed parties, fostering camaraderie and creating lasting memories. Regular local trips to attractions and cultural events allow students to explore the area and connect with the community. Monthly excursions to distant destinations provide opportunities for cultural immersion and friendship building. Our aim is to create a safe, engaging, and dynamic residential environment both on and off campus.