The FEIA Basketball Program is an elite development program that provides boarding students the tools necessary to take them to the next level of their basketball careers. Class of 2022 athlete Leonard Miller was drafted in the NBA. Our team currently plays in the Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association (OSBA), the Grind Session, as well as various independent tournaments in the USA. Our mission for FEIA athletics is to inspire every one of our student-athletes to reach their goals, while becoming well rounded, mature, and holistically healthy leaders of our community.

Advanced Training

Unique Opportunties

Rising Stars


FEIA won the OSBA Championship in 2022.

Congratulations to our athletes in the unprecedented success in their inaugural year.




At FEIA with Coach Charles Hantoumakos, time is carefully planned to provide student-athletes with the best balance of mental and physical training.
• Highly competitive schedule against the best prep schools in North America
• Use of training facilities with the latest in training technology
• Basketball practice and skills development 4-6 times per week
• Strength and conditioning weekly
• Fitness and nutrition counselling
• Meals, transportation and accommodations included
• Exposure to college/university coaches throughout the season
• Advanced Honors classes

FEIA is designed to help advance athletic and technical skills and integrate them with academics to prepare every player for the next level in their athletic career. 


The NEST is an innovative athletic facility located on campus.
• NBA standard basketball court
• Cutting-edge fitness centre and equipment
• Showers and locker rooms
• Concessions area with dining
• Coaches’ offices, theatre, games and conference rooms


Our trainers create a comprehensive plan to best suit each and every student-athlete to improve speed, agility, flexibility, overall strength, technique and form. Along with extensive training in the weight room, each student-athlete works with FEIA coaches on all aspects of high-performance. Our highly trained strength and conditioning staff work closely with medical professionals including physical therapists.


The program provides unique opportunities for our athletes to have successful careers. Our players have been featured on major news networks such as Sportsnet, TSN and ESPN. The team has travelled across North America and gained attention from NBA scouts. Our players have received several D1 offers from major universities. In Ontario, our team is top ranked with one athlete in the NBA.