FEIA’s Visual Arts Portfolio Program is structured to support and develop the talents of students interested in pursuing a career in visual arts, by creating an environment of creative expression. Selected students will be guided by industry professionals, experienced in both technique and education, to help them develop their skills and explore their interests; ultimately putting together a curated professional portfolio to include in their application to a post-secondary art school.  


  • Personalized early pathway counselling;
  • Ontario Ministry of Education art curriculum
  • After-school portfolio classes three times per week and open studio time;
  • Assistance to high school students in ensuring their portfolio exceeds application standards for chosen discipline;
  • Access to top industry professionals and photographers for portfolio preparation.


200 hours 

of portfolio workshops per semester

30 hours 

of technique and major specific classes

150+ hours 

of open studio time

FEIA provides students with an important mix of technical fine art instruction and creative freedom. In addition to the top-rated Ontario high school curriculum, instructors encourage students to explore and create their own pieces in any medium they choose during open studio time.


FEIA Collage
Artwork by Gena Kim

There are no wrong answers when it comes to creating and finding out-of-the-box ways to use established techniques. A key philosophy for our instructors is that a well-rounded artist understands technique well enough to experiment.

Some of the techniques explored during the program are: 

  • Blind Contour
  • Illustration
  • Technical Design
  • Collage, Mosaic
  • Modelling
  • Packaging
  • Fashion Design

FEIA's teaching staff are certified by the Ontario College of Teachers and highly qualified in the arts. Students follow a specialized education schedule to complete the Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements.


students in hallway - FEIA
  • International private school education incorporating the Ontario Ministry of Education School Curriculum
  • Small class sizes
  • After school academic assistance including teacher-led tutoring, guidance and homework support
  • High-calibre teachers, certified by the Ontario College of Teachers
  • Ongoing student assessment
  • Open communication and partnership with parents
  • On-site extracurricular activities*
  • Off-site cultural excursions*
  • Thorough COVID-19 precautions which include socially distanced in-person classes and activities made possible by the large campus and sanitization protocols. Click here for more information.
*Available once the Ministry of Education allows it.


We are proud to have Gena Kim leading our Visual Arts Portfolio Program as FEIA's Art and Design Consultant. Enjoy a sample of her work as an example of her incredible talent!