Throughout my years in education as a Principal, I have successfully opened three schools. They are imprinted with values of integrity, leadership, honesty and innovation. These three schools still proudly carry my legacy.  Fort Erie International Academy (FEIA) is definitely the most exciting venture in my career so far!  I am passionate about the “East Meets West” philosophy.  When I picture our graduates, I envision confident, forward-thinking youth who appreciate diverse cultures, are globally aware, creative and responsible. FEIA graduates will be well prepared to lead and embrace future global challenges with the critical thinking skills attained at FEIA!  

I am honoured to lead our first International School in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada.   

The unique culture of Fort Erie International Academy is based on common values and beliefs held by all those who work and learn here.  It will be embedded in our day to day climate and culture:  

School Mission - To inspire and empower students to realize their academic potential, to become agents of change, innovators and leaders on a global scale. 

The OSSD opens the door to top universities in Canada and the world.  FEIA is a collective effort that depends upon the active involvement of our founders, Ontario Certified Teachers, students, parents and education advisors.  Our diverse staff is motivated, enthusiastic, and committed to providing a well-balanced program that engages students to grow, learn and challenge themselves so they can achieve their true potential.  FEIA students will become life-long learners, equipped to embrace the future with a global mindset that promotes collaboration, creativity, confidence and respect. 

FEIA intends to establish itself as one of the finest private schools in the province. Chinese students will develop strong English Language skills as well as an understanding of North American culture, assuring a seamless transition into university life. As students benefit from a blend of Chinese and North American philosophies, they will develop a global perspective. Canadian and International students will have opportunities to appreciate Chinese culture and learn Mandarin throughout elementary and secondary school, as well as study in China through exchange programs and co-op experiences.

Warm Regards, 

Connie Stella
Head Principal