Middle School

Meet the Principal:
Mr. William Cockburn

Welcome to FEIA! As a school, it is our priority to ensure that your child receives quality education within a safe, respectful, and engaging environment. As a principal, it is my responsibility to help students believe in their own abilities, and to inspire them to reach their goals. I am looking forward to meeting you and helping you along your journey to becoming the next generation of innovators and leaders!

About Middle School (6 - 8)

At FEIA, we provide an outstanding educational experience that encourages our students to truly engage with the material and make inferences about the world. Our students come from all over the world, bringing with them traditions and culture that inform their experience and help educate other students on all the world has to offer. We value innovative instructional learning and teaching strategies, as well as the effective use of technology both within and outside the classroom. We are committed to providing students with project-based and experiential learning opportunities designed to engage and deepen their understanding of the importance of collaborative learning and leadership.  We recognize that each student has a unique learning profile and distinct set of learning requirements. We are committed to providing all students with guidance and support at each stage of their educational journey to ensure their success as learners and leaders.

Certified Teachers

FEIA employs educators certified by the Ontario College of Teachers and who are well-versed in the most innovative and progressive teaching strategies. Our high standards in teacher recruitment and selection attract multitalented, skillful educators. FEIA puts a focus on professional development for our educational staff, providing ongoing training on pedagogy that reflect the best practices in education circles today.

Small Class Sizes

Along with a world-renowned curriculum, FEIA’s class sizes are limited to allow for individualized teaching. This also empowers teachers to meet the evolving needs of their students. Our students benefit from small classroom sizes to ensure the best possible learning environment. Closer connections are formed to develop a real sense of belonging here at FEIA. Our small class size means that students receive the individual attention required to reach their highest level of achievement. Teachers get to know their students’ strengths and areas of concern and as such can support both their academic development and emotional well-being.