Students of the Fort Erie International Academy who choose to live with us full time, currently live in off-campus housing with a House Leader. This is a multifaceted and integral experience for our students to learn to work together as a team to manage responsibilities and roles within their household.

Housing capacities range from 6 to 18 students within each of the numerous family-style homes. With the assistance of our House Leaders, the Home Stay experience teaches students about the various responsibilities of running a household and encourages leadership, initiative and cooperation to work together as a team.


Living in a house with other students means that each child needs to consider the time it takes to get ready for school, make a meal, or commute to the campus. Our students work together to ensure that everyone has time to complete their routine and make it to campus on time for class, after-school activities, or weekend excursions.


While many of our evening meals are catered in for our students, they are also learning to cook balanced meals for themselves. From deciding what they want, making a shopping list, heading to the store, making their meals and then cleaning up, our students are learning how complex their newfound independence can be. Mealtime is often an exercise in teamwork as students divvy up the responsibilities of cooking and cleaning.


Students learn the importance of keeping a clean home, each for themselves and for the other students they live with. From learning how to sort garbage,  recycling and food waste, to raking and bagging falling leaves, our students are exposed to the responsibilities of running a home. Chores are allocated and are rotated between students.


Each evening during the week, House Leaders work through a rigorous schedule with each student that includes homework, individual study, mealtime, cleaning and, of course, free time. This coordinated scheduling helps to establish a routing that, over time, supports the student's independent time management.