FEIA’s Varsity Hockey Programs are designed to support and develop the skills of our student-athletes by providing the opportunity to work with highly qualified coaches and high-performance athletes. Our talented pool of educators and training staff have been selected because of their dedication to student success. FEIA’s Hockey Program provides student-athletes with resources and opportunity to reach their full potential on the ice and in the classroom.

It is our vision to provide high-quality education paired with top-quality hockey training programs in a safe and positive environment to meet the needs and goals of each individual athlete. At FEIA, we aim to develop the whole person, not just a highly skilled athlete. 

Our mission for FEIA Athletics is to inspire every one of our student-athletes to reach their goals while becoming well rounded, mature, and holistically healthy leaders and members of their community.


As a key part of our program, our coaching and leadership team works to instill four key values in our players and students, integrity, commitment, discipline, and humility.


Who you are in public is who you are in private. People of solid character never waiver in who they are - or adjust their standards to fit in. We will be people of integrity in what we do and say.


We do what we say we're going to do. Hard work, long nights, sore muscles, are all evidence of an unmatched commitment. This program has committed to you. Your teammates, your education, and this program deserve the same in return.


Hard work, selfless play, and the mental toughness to push through even when we don't want to. Discipline starts between the ears and manifests in your hands, feet, and mouth.


Even the best players have coaches. None of us can perfect the game, and we need to remain humble and coach-able to grow and develop. No one is above this team. Be quick to listen, and slow to speak.


  • Extended access to world-class on-ice instruction from FEIA’s highly experienced coaching staff;
  • Assistance to  high school players in marketing their skills to NCAA colleges and universities;
  • Assistance to high school players to prepare for successful SAT exam and admission interviews;
  • Access to world-class off-ice training;
  • Top-quality training and performance equipment.


9 month 

long intensive hockey program

11 hours a week 

of strength and conditioning training

6+ hours 

on-ice skill development training

Our high-performance athletic trainers work with student-athletes on an individual basis focusing on personal development and unique needs, including power skating, puck control, agility, and more.

FEIA’s professional coaches, along with guest experts in specific fields, will arm all student-athletes with the tools necessary to build team development and provide position-specific coaching, and supply them with additional training in nutrition and motivation.


U18 Prep (12 FWDS, 6 D, 3 G)

The Competitive U18 Prep Program will play as part of the Prep School Hockey Federation which feeds into colleges and universities, junior programs, and more. Our U18 Prep program offers: 

  • 8 hours of on-ice training per week; 
  • Up 11 hours of off-ice instruction (classroom and gym);
  • 34-40 game schedule;
  • Home rink & dressing room; 
  • Team gear, tracksuits, workout gear, sticks and more; 
  • A world-class education valued at $30,000

U16 Prep (10 Fwds, 6 D, 3 G)

FEIA Falcons Athletic System includes our U16 Elite Hockey program. The U16 program offers:

  • 8 hours of on-ice training per week; 
  • Up to 11 hours of off-ice instruction (classroom and gym); 
  • 24-30 game schedule; 
  • Team gear, tracksuits, workout gear, sticks and more;
  • A world-class education valued at $30,000.

Junior Varsity (20 spots maximum)

The Junior Varsity Hockey program is our feeder program for our U16 Elite and U18 Prep team. This option is for students from grades 9 through 12 and offers:

  • Opportunity to affiliate with the Prep or U16 teams;
  • 8 hours of on-ice training per week;
  • Up to 11 hours of off-ice instruction (classroom and gym);
  •  8-10 exhibition games; 
  • A world-class education valued at $30,000.

*Please note, apparel available at team cost.

Primary Development

The Primary Program includes 8 hours of on-ice training per week, up to 11 hours of off-ice instruction (classroom and gym), practice uniform and workout gear and a world-class education valued at $30,000.


All student-athletes are required to be committed to pursuing excellence in academics, as well as athletics. FEIA’s Varsity Hockey Program is seamlessly integrated into a specialized school day allowing for student-athletes to be fully immersed in FEIA’s first-class academic system.

Student-athletes follow a specialized education schedule to accomplish all requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma, taught by highly qualified teachers, certified by the Ontario College of Teachers.


  • International private school education  incorporating the Ontario Ministry School Curriculum
  • Small class sizes
  • Supervised Homework Club
  • High-calibre teachers, certified by the Ontario College of Teachers
  • Ongoing student assessment
  • Open communication and partnership with parents
  • On-site extracurricular activities
  • Off-site cultural excursions