FEIA is proud to offer the Falcon Elite Academic Program; an exclusive program offered to empower high-achieving students with guaranteed acceptance to a minimum of three top Canadian Universities.

FEIA has developed the Falcon Elite program to fast-track strong academic students in grades 11 or 12 to complete 10 Ontario Secondary School Credits over 10 months versus the typical 8 credits over one school year. With a 5-semester school year that includes 1:1 guidance and goal-oriented individual education planning along with ongoing support, FEIA can guarantee a pathway to Canadian University acceptance. 

With the opportunity to achieve 10 Ontario credits in one school year, students are able to complete all prerequisite secondary school courses necessary for application and admission to the post-secondary school and program of their choice. The flexibility of the Falcon Elite program schedule also provides students with the option to retake courses with the goal of improving their grade point average; maximizing their opportunity for admission to their target University program(s).

As our students conclude their final year of high school, our dedicated admissions team will work with them to complete all the required steps in applying to 10 Canadian Universities, guaranteeing acceptance to a minimum of three programs.


two falcon elite students
  • Access to top Canadian educators, including the FEIA Leadership team;
  • 5 semester school year with the opportunity to achieve 10 Ontario Secondary School Credits; 
  • Acquire extensive knowledge through hands-on, project-based learning;
  • Personalized bilingual tutoring support;
  • Customized course setting including specialized courses in leadership, public speaking, and art and design;
  • Preparation for IELTS or TOEFL, including study planning and progress supervision;
  • Guaranteed admission to at least 3 renowned Canadian Universities;


Entering final 2 years

of highschool

80% average

overall, including an English score of 81% +

IELTS 5.5 

 or TOEFL iBT 70 or higher

Mathematics + English

entrance exam


with FEIA Head Principal

Applicants without the above results must partake in a FEIA Falcon Elite 1:1 interview for consideration.


falcon elite program
  • Falcon Elite students must successfully achieve a total of 30 Ontario high school credits (or the equivalent) to receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD); a prerequisite for University admissions;
  • Adhere to all FEIA Student policies as outlined in the FEIA Student Handbook;
  • Complete 10 volunteer hours per school year;
  • IELTS examination with a result of 6—7.5 depending on the students area of focus;
  • OSSLT Ontario secondary school literacy test completion with a passing grade;
  • Successfully complete all University program prerequisite courses;
  • Meet or exceed the grade point criteria for each university/program of choice.