At FEIA, we recognize that each student has a unique learning profile and distinct set of learning requirements. We are committed to providing all students with the guidance and support at each stage of their educational journey to ensure their success as learners and leaders. 



Our mentorship program includes individual learning pathways and growth plans for students. These unique planning and support sessions mean that students receive personalized class, study, and extracurricular plans that serve their educational needs as well as their long term career goals. Career destination planning and on-going guidance planning helps to ensure access to top universities around the world with appropriate programming.

Long term planning with our leadership team looks to offer student exchange programs as well as Grade 11 and 12 international co-op placements.



Making students feel at home in Canada is an important part of FEIA’s mission. Our staff team coordinates excursions and experiences to introduce students to all that Ontario and Niagara have to offer.  

Our bi-weekly weekend excursions immerse students in Canadian heritage, arts, culture, and traditions. Students are able to develop an understanding of Canada by visiting landmark destinations, embracing the diversity of festive celebrations, and immersing themselves in their community.



FEIA students do not just observe local activities and events, FEIA encourages participation. By volunteering in local community and fundraising activities, our students are getting to know local business owners, community members, and are gaining valuable leadership and networking skills. 

Volunteerism, as an activity, helps to strengthen students' English language skills for our international students as they are able to practice and develop speaking and listening skills in everyday situations. As they become more involved in their new community, students are able to develop communication skills while gaining a deeper appreciation and understanding of charitable behaviour.