April 22, 2020

To the FEIA Community,

FEIA is proud to share that on Monday, April 20th, we successfully launched an Online Classroom Program for our students both here in Canada and for those who have returned home to China. The Leadership Team at FEIA has worked tirelessly over the last month to develop an online program that would ensure high school students would be able to complete their courses and earn the associated credits towards their OSSD. Further to this, we were able to launch a similar online program to confirm that all primary school students are able to complete their school year with the opportunity to advance to the next grade level. As a private school in Ontario, while FEIA must abide by certain Ministry of Ontario requirements to be allowed to grant credits towards the OSSD, they do not have access to the resources, tools and technology from the Ministry as it relates to Online Learning for their students. FEIA’s Leadership Team has had to dig deep to conceptualize, develop and test platforms, which students can access internationally, allows for two-way communication, both on and offline programming, addresses language barriers, and meets the Ministry of Ontario’s requirements for an online learning institution – no small feat!

Since FEIA’s online classroom launch on Monday, our students have shared how thrilled they are to be back in the classroom and how grateful they are to be able to complete the school year they have worked so hard on. Head Principal, Connie Stella, notes “This has been a great challenge for the team, but we are a family here at FEIA and, like any family, we are going to work together to take care of each other. As we opened our school in September, we made a commitment to our students and their families to provide them with the best education possible; and we all came together to give our students not only what we promised them, but what is best for their future.”

FEIA thanks all of their teachers for meeting the time sensitive challenge of developing new and/or adapting their classroom programming to be both engaging and stimulating in the online environment. We are also thankful for their efforts to troubleshoot the platform, communicate with students and families to set them up for success and support they have shown each other throughout the process, in less than ONE WEEK! FEIA extends a special thank you to Robert Gray for leading the teaching staff through this process and to Pat at CSN TechCentre for his guidance and support throughout the process. Teamwork really does make the dream work!

Letter to Parents and Guardians

letter to parents and guardians regarding the provincial lock down notice under the COVID-19


Access to FEIA’s digital Library

FEIA library’s online resources are open and available for students to use whether they are learning from home or in school.


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