September 18th, 2020 

Dear FEIA Parents/Guardians: 

As we enter the third week of classes for the 2020-2021 school year, we recognize that one of  the biggest challenges we will face is Covid 19. 

At school we have the following practices in place to keep your children safe: 

  • Students and staff must wear masks once they enter the building. 
  • Each student has a personal bottle of hand-sanitizer and there are places in the school where these bottles can be refilled. 
  • Each classroom has a hand sanitizer station. 
  • Before entering class in the morning and after lunch, teachers take student temperatures and record them. 
  • Students are required to follow social-distancing requirements in the classroom,  hallways and outside. 
  • Phys Ed equipment can only be used under teacher supervision and any equipment is sanitized before use and all students are required to sanitize prior to using any equipment. 

These practices are challenging for students and teachers to adhere to because they are so different from the more relaxed school atmosphere we have come to enjoy in Ontario.  However, we recognize that ensuring our school remains a safe environment is extremely important for all of us so that we can continue to offer both our academic in-school classes and our hockey program. 

This week we all learned that once again COVID cases are increasing in Ontario as a result of some COVID restrictions being lifted. There have also been concerns that we could experience a  second wave of the virus when flu season hits. We are asking all students, with their parents support, to observe social distancing, mask-wearing and good sanitization when they are not at school. This means containing the “bubble” that our students move in when they are outside of the school setting. 

Our “bubble” at FEIA is already quite large – given that our hockey cohort includes approximately 55 students. If we have one confirmed case of COVID at the school, we would all be forced to go into quarantine for a 14 day period – with online classes and no hockey. We certainly do not want this to happen and are asking for parents’ help in ensuring that your son/daughter follows COVID protocols after school and on the week-ends. 

We thank you in advance for your support in helping Fort Erie remain a safe learning environment for all of our students. Please reach out if you have any further questions. 

Best Regards,

Connie Stella, Head Principal

Karen Gough, Vice-principal

Rob Ford, Vice-principal

Letter to Parents and Guardians

letter to parents and guardians regarding the provincial lock down notice under the COVID-19


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