January 28, 2020

Dear Parents and Families of FEIA,

It is extremely important at this specific time that we do not react to rumours and inaccurate social media information. At the same time, we are reminded to keep an open mind and use our skills to make decisions that are beneficial to our family and friends.

Here in Canada, we have been preparing our medical facilities since becoming aware of the Coronavirus outbreak. Our government and our medical establishment are very confident that we will be able to minimize the spreading of this virus.

Yesterday, I spoke with all the students and staff about what the Coronavirus was, the symptoms of the virus, what to look for when around other people, for example if they are coughing a lot, sweating or look like they are unwell, to walk away in a respectful manner. We discussed what strategies Canada has implemented to reduce the risk of getting the virus as well as those who get infected and how to get help and to wash their hands with soap regularly throughout the day.

In speaking with the students, I reviewed taking care of themselves by eating healthy, getting enough sleep, keeping their dorms clean. Students are getting addition training/support in keeping their dorms clean and healthy. At the school, we have installed hand sanitizer dispensers around the key areas of the school for the students to clean their hands, checking students regularly and we are trying to order face masks for students and staff as another precaution.

I know that you will agree with me that with the uncertainty of the Coronavirusoutbreak, I strongly suggest that your children do not travel to China during the upcoming Spring Break in March, and that they remain in our care here at FEIAto ensure their health and well-being to continue their academic study. I would also like your support to ensure that the students must not travel outside of Fort Erie unless supervised by a staff member of FEIA. Please speak to your son or daughter and let them know that you are supporting our decision to not travel outside of Fort Erie unless it is a school supported field trip or excursion. Thank you for your continued support!

Of course, as always, the final decision rests in your hands. I hope you give this message its due consideration.

The FEIA staff hope and pray that China’s virus outbreak may be contained soon.

In trust,

Connie Stella

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