Canadian’s Unemployment Still High from COVID-19

As technology has grown rapidly in the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Canadians are left behind due to their lack of digital skills. Combined with Canada’s high unemployment rate of 8.1% as of April 2021, many Canadians are left at a disadvantage which makes finding a job more difficult. As of April 2021, there were over 3 million Canadians working from home and this number is expected to increase in the coming months. This highlights the importance of being technologically and digitally literate as work from home is becoming the new normal.

Digital Skills More Important than Ever

It is estimated that 84% of jobs in Canada currently require the use of a computer and basic technical skills. Even low-skilled jobs increasingly require a basic level of digital literacy. Furthermore, there is a significant difference in unemployment rate for people aged 15-24 without a degree, certificate, or diploma (25.8%) versus only a high school degree (20.4%) versus those who has a university degree (16.8%). Although it is common for higher education to have a lower unemployment rate, people without a degree or only a high school degree are at a significant disadvantage. With jobs now becoming more technological, improving digital skills will decrease the employment gap for those at lower education levels.

Tech 101 Aims to Solve these Issues

To help Canadians become more digitally literate, FEIA and Huawei Canada have created Tech 101, an online program free for all Canadians aimed to help develop basic digital literacy skills. The Tech 101 courses offer flexible learning with bite-sized modules so learners can gain key digital skills fast. Tailored for beginners, the programs create the building blocks for a career in the modern online workforce. There is no previous employment or educational experience necessary to sign-up and leaners are supported by a free online community.

Currently, Tech 101 has helped over 4,000 Canadians upskill and prepare for the digital workforce.


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